AI powered messaging platform for more sales and better customer service.

Deliver personalized conversations where your customers are with multi-channel messaging and chatbots.

64% prefer texting over voice for service
A full 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can directly message
Social customer service costs less than $1 per interaction, compared to $6 per call for phone and $2.50 to $5 per email

A versatile platform - Build enterprise grade chatbots fueled by conversational AI, send targeted marketing messages and deliver multi-channel customer service - all in one place.

  • Be where your customers already are. Start messaging with them across platforms.
  • Reach customers as most engaging way with sending targeted messages in conversational UIs.
  • JetBot engine allows you to create AI powered chatbot working in across-platforms. Boost agent productivity, increase sales and automate repeatable tasks with JetBot from today.
Increase customer satisfaction
Boost your sales
Reduce your costs
Turn any messaging apps into sales & support channel

Jetlink consolidates all messaging conversations into one single inbox. You human agents and chatbot reply questions together in a harmony.

Jetlink consolidates all messaging conversations into one single inbox. You human agents and chatbot reply questions together in a harmony.

Build & deploy intellegent chatbots.

Bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to your business. AI technology directly responds to common customer questions, allowing your team to focus on more complex inquiries.

Conversational commerce, customer support, brand marketing - leverage the flexibility of JetBot Engine to answer your needs. With your new chatbot - you’ll have a teammate who’s ready to go, all day, everyday!

Chat with users in your own app

Apps that use in-app messaging see 3.5x better retention.

Mobile users expect instant answer and do not like calling or emailing for help.

With Jetlink mobile SDKs, integrating in-app messaging will lead to great customer returns in happiness, engagement and retention.

Live web messaging

Messaging is how people communicate today and helping is the new selling. People don’t want to fill out a form, wait for a response or talk on phone. Statistics show that website visitors using live chat tend to buy more than others.

With Jetlink’s live web messaging, get a better way to provide live support in your web site. Engage and convert your visitors into customers right they land on your page, instantly.

Customer support & Chatbot Builder - All from one place

Centrally manage messaging presence across all of the most popular messaging apps, live web messaging, in-app messaging from a single dashboard. Jetlink's centralized dashboard makes it easy to interact with multiple users in real-time.

Build, train and manage your chatbots. See analytics, view agent and chatbot performance reports to see how your team and chatbot is performing.

Companies from variety of industries rely on Jetlink

If meaningful customer relations for your business is important, we’re the partner you’ve been looking for.

Jetlink suite of tools offer reliable, scalable and innovative customer communication for your business. Reach us now for next generation customer engagement.