Engage with your customer where they already are. More important, they use these apps everyday. Have a gateway to communicate with a world of 3B+ people in seconds.

Turn any messaging apps into sales & support channel

Enable online shopping & customer service on messaging apps. Reach your customer where they already are in daily basis. Link any messaging app accounts to your support team and chatbot with 1-2 clicks. Jetlink automatically sends all social messaging conversations into one inbox to let your agents reply them.

One chatbot to all

Use the power of 7/24 working, tireless teammates. Deploy one chatbot to respond requests from any messaging app. Let your Jetbot to advice and support your customers on their favorite apps.

Jetlink Shop Assistant for eCommerce

Lead your customers for easy product discovery, customer service & sales on Messenger. Jetlink combines chatbots with human support. Our hybrid approach your lets customer service team can take over automated conversations if needed or requested.

Beautiful social messaging for everyone
  • Developers

    Enrich your applications with Chatbots, instant messaging

  • Customer Service Experts

    Deliver next generation messaging based customer service for your customers

  • Sales & Marketing Experts

    Boost your sales with shopping assistant Chatbots, conversation commerce and messaging based campaigns.

Jetlink suite of tools offer reliable, scalable and innovative customer communication for your business. Reach us now for next generation customer engagement.