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9 out of 10 consumers globally want to use messaging
to communicate with brands

Deliver conversational multi-channel customer care, create intelligent chatbots
fueled by conversational AI and send targeted campaign messages - all in one place.

Satisfy your customers with personal, effortless and social care at scale

Drive incremental sales within the power of conversational commerce

Ensure a better employee experience and speed up internal support

Superior features

Live web messaging

Modern conversation tool for your website that helps you to perform better customer care, and convert visitors to customers.

Social care & messaging

Enable conversational commerce & customer care on favorite messaging apps and social media.


Responds to common customer questions, generate leads, and works alongside your team to allow them focus on more complex inquiries.

Smart campaigns

Choose the perfect type of campaign message for any situation with advanced event and attribute based targeting in cross-channels.

In-app messaging

Apps that use in-app messaging see 3.5x better retention. Chat with users in your own app.

Agent productivity & insights

Centrally manage your customer conversations and get reports from one place. It is easy to use, fast, and robust.

Have great conversations with your customers

Create messaging presence across the channels, integrate your favorite tools, and deliver a great customer experience.

See what our customers are saying

Burak Akın

The chatbot application, which has a great importance for brands, is among the essentials of businesses in today's conditions. Our business partner, Jetlink is making our day-to-day operations easier by providing effective communication between the customer representative and the user.

BurgerKing - Digital Marketing & Technology Director

Alper Tosun

In Altınbaş e-commerce platform, our endless race is to maximize the experience of our customers. For this reason, we tried to find the best solution and explored that personal conversations equipped with AI for instant help would benefit us at most. Jetlink helps us to assist our customers during their sales journey. The Jetlink reporting and chat tools answer our most of ecommerce specific needs.

Altınbaş - Ecommerce Manager

Burak Kartal

Jetlink understands our unique set of goals and requirements. They provide a dedicated team that works directly with us. Jetlink nicely combined understanding NLP intents, conversation flow and necessary integrations with our services. With the assistance of their Enterprise Solutions Team, we can rapidly deploy our chatbot on time.

Toyota Turkey Mar & Sales - Marketing Communications Supervisor

Ekrem Aydın

Saka Chatbot developed by Jetlink is a valuable solution for those who want to rescue their phones from invasion of mobile apps. Being able to get orders via social media that we use in daily basis with a user-friendly system will add value to Turkey's valuable water brand Saka. With the Jetlink team, we believe that we will continue to do excellent work by constantly improving the solution.

Dydo Drinco Inc - Sales Support Team Lead

Önder Bakal

Conversational interfaces has emerged as a big opportunity for brands. Jetlink has deep understading in bot business and provide unique tools. We work with Jetlink's team to create Yatas Bedding chatbot. Jetlink platform and team have been great to work with iterating fast and providing quality development.

Yataş - Ecommerce manager

Hakan Çizmeci

Great offering for developers and ecommerce business. Especially, in-app messaging SDK is already an essential tool for mobile app projects.

Kuka Apps - Cofounder

Bakar Özürün

We believe in the rising role of chatbots in online ordering. Jetlink’s chatbots and messaging based customer support is very well match within our innovative approach. I think we are a good example how to digitize the process in a conservative business.

Kasap Döner - General Manager

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