Move beyond email. Create and broadcast targeted messages, news, product updates, offers or bot action buttons to your users. Use the conversational UI’s advantage for better customer engagement. Build relationships with personalized messages at scale.

Easy to use visual JetMessage builder

Create rich messages with images and deep-links, and preview them simultaneously. Deliver rich, multi-channel messages within emoji, GIF's, and video through the most popular mobile messaging channels with automated process.

Deliver JetMessage to segmented user

Segment users based on custom parameters such user activity, last purchase or profile data. Use our push capabilities to personalize messages to each segment. Create and save segments for your next campaign. Automatically calculate the number of target users according to custom segments created. Gather highly engagement results.

Personalization for your JetMessage

Make your customers feel special. Reach the target of personalization at scale. Deliver each single message with a personal touch.

Measure JetMessage effectiveness

View JetMessage analytics and understand your impact. Analyze and improve your approach for your next message

Choose the right time

Timing is essential for higher engagement. Create your message content beforehand and set it to be delivered when it is right time. Make your message recurring and save your time. JetMessage will handle the rest for you.

Jetlink suite of tools offer reliable, scalable and innovative customer communication for your business. Reach us now for next generation customer engagement.