Jetlink’s Chatbot + Human approach is designed to deliver best experience for your consumers. They work in a harmony as a band does. Moreover, they are available on all channels.

Respond your customers 24/7 & create the WOW! effect

Chatbots are tireless teammates. Keep your customers supported and engaged 24/7. Make them feel good and happy. Increase your sales and customer support satisfaction. Decrease the work load from your human agents and costs.

One bot for all channels

Easily integrate Jetlink’s “job done” chatbots to all channels that you interact with customers. Users instantly get access to Chatbot support from all linked channels.

Decrease workload from customer service agents

Jetlink’s Chatbot + Human approach is the best formula to deliver delightful experiences. While your Chatbots provide 24/7 support for repeating customer requests, the human agents can take over the conversation when it is needed. Thus, the quality of service increases and work load to customer service agents decreases.

Automate transactions, workflows

Jetbot is the super hero to automate many different type of tasks and transactions as scheduling, checkouts, booking, discovery, ordering and etc. Accelerates the process with easy steps for your customers. Uses any messaging app as the interface and get the job done for your business. Happy customers, happy business.

Beyond the text

Your chatbot engages with your customers beyond the texting. Plays well within any type of rich content and deliver what is required including images, call to action buttons, videos, maps, etc.

Personalized engagement at scale

Integrate your chatbot to existing data rich CRM systems and let him know the taste of your customers. Jetbot can bring context and personalization to every customer interaction with your business.

  • Scalable

    Go global and reach 3B+ people via messaging apps

  • Chatbot + Human hybrid

    Handle customer requests fast with chatbots and solve complex issues with human agents.

  • Available on all channels

    Jetbots play well with all channels smoothly. Eliminates the need of deploying different bots to different channels.

  • Easy to integrate

    Jetlink’s centralized UI make it easy to integrate bots to different systems as CRM, channels, POS, payment systems etc.

  • Human agent takeover

    Human agents are automatically notified regarding the customer request that is coming from Chatbot.

  • Natural language processing

    Jetbots differentiate with natural language processing capabilities for more complex requests.

Beautiful social messaging for everyone
  • Developers

    Enrich your applications with Chatbots, instant messaging

  • Customer Service Experts

    Deliver next generation messaging based customer service for your customers

  • Sales & Marketing Experts

    Boost your sales with shopping assistant Chatbots, conversation commerce and messaging based campaigns.

Jetlink suite of tools offer reliable, scalable and innovative customer communication for your business. Reach us now for next generation customer engagement.