How do we count users?

People are started to be tracked as leads in Jetlink once they start a conversation with you via any channel that are linked to Jetlink centalized UI.

Do you count users from Chatbot conversations? Are they included to my package?

No! Good news that the interactions within Chatbot conversations are not counted as users until the users reach to your human agents. So, it will not affect your package if the conversation stays between user and chatbot.

What happens if the counted number of users exceed the limit of my package?

No problem. When you exceed the limit of users that are defined in your package, additional 5000 users are automatically defined for your account and it is only 10 $ / month. So, it is very simple for each +5000 users, you pay 10 $ / month

Do you charge extra to use jetlink on multiple messaging channels?

Absolutely no! You can use Jetlink on your website, mobile app and across any number of social messaging channels that we support - there are no extra fees involved with using Jetlink across multiple channels.

Do you charge extra to use jetlink centralızed UI to reply customer messages?

No, it is all free. Jetlink Centralized UI is as web based, best class, enterprise level software that supports multi agents. You can get lots of reports and analytics.

Do you charge extra for Analytics provided in jetlink centralized UI ?

No, it free as well. Jetlink Centralized UI gives you the reports that you need to understand performance of your agents and overall customer service.

How do you charge for chatbots?

Chatbot is an extra feature. Imagine that you hire a tireless, 24/7 working employee. Chatbot pricing varies according to complexity, scenarios and integrations of your bot requirements. Please reach us to define your needs and create best performing “Job Done” Jetbot.

Beautiful social messaging for everyone
  • Developers

    Enrich your applications with Chatbots, instant messaging

  • Customer Service Experts

    Deliver next generation messaging based customer service for your customers

  • Sales & Marketing Experts

    Boost your sales with shopping assistant Chatbots, conversation commerce and messaging based campaigns.

Jetlink suite of tools offer reliable, scalable and innovative customer communication for your business. Reach us now for next generation customer engagement.