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What we believe in

Communication between people and businesses is changing forever, and personal conversation at scale is the new paradigm shift that will play a central role today and for years to come.

Social media and mobility are also some of the megatrends shaping customer behavior and expectations. Consumers ask for the things right now, and giving customer care on time and personal where they already are is a key to success.

1:1 conversation need during a purchase is a very human behavior that is being experienced since the dawn of civilization, and for millennia, things have generally stayed same. Conversations have always been central to marketing and sales in markets. Then the internet raised and now we rarely go into a store unless we have to. Consumers benefited a lot with a wide selection of products, price comparisons, and time-saving methods.

However, the whole digital buying experience has mostly ended 1:1 conversations that we had for decades in traditional commerce. Now, users interact with buttons on pages to make purchase or brands try to reach out customers with click based ad tools without conversation ability. Instead of engaging with potential customers one-to-one, we’ve been filling their screens with advertisements, bothering with automated emails, and bombarding them with cold calls. Then, if someone does want to talk, and they come to our website, what do we do? We make them fill out a lead capture form, and then we follow up when it’s convenient for us.

At the end, human beings don’t change much. We remain same emotionally. That’s why we are still looking for intimacy in conversations that is lost in digital commerce. Unsurprisingly, a study from “IT in Practice” reports that 27% of companies focusing on growth rank customer intimacy as their main objective in order to achieve more revenue. The personalized and targeted conversation has a key role to bring back the intimacy that we’ve lost in digital commerce. Intelligent chatbots blended with targeted messaging fills the need of being scale and Jetlink offers all in a single platform.

The power of personal conversations at scale

We believe that conversation can be a big shift in commerce and customer care. Jetlink positions itself as the central communication platform for the customer touch points in conversational UIs and blends human agents with virtual agents in a smooth harmony. Our core target is to power your business with customer conversations, wherever they happen, helping you to increase your sales and deliver effortless customer care with multi-channel messaging, smart campaigns and chatbots.

Good communication is the foundation of every meaningful relationship and it is same for your business too. We strive to be a true value creating partner to help your business to grow and be successful with far better customer engagement built on top of personal conversations.

Modern messaging for more sales and better support

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Turn more website visitors into qualified leads and convert them into customers, at scale.

Give better support

Your customers need a quick answer. Provide personal, real-time care and get your customer back on track.

Sell more

Helping is the new selling. Proactively offer support to your customers personally at scale and sell more.

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