Bring the power of Conversational AI to your enterprise.

Serve your customers on the channels they prefer, anywhere, anytime.

Why use social messaging?

Extend your customer support

Bring your customer service to social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Reach your customers on social channels

Social conversations is the new generation of marketing and gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers on these channels where it is most familiar for them.

Be available, always, everywhere

Allow customers to reach you even you are not there. Moreover, Jetbot can guide them on social messaging channels too and you can add human touch when you’re available.

Turn messaging apps into sales & support channel

When companies engage and respond to customers over social, those customers spend 20-40% more with them. Your customers want frictionless, easy, and instant help when reaching out and they want it on their preferred channels. Resolving customer service issues fully on messaging apps and social media is a difference maker. Now, a customer contacting a company can pick any channel and expect the same level of service, thanks to Jetlink’s multi-channel customer service.

Enable conversational commerce & customer service on social channels. Link most popular ones to your support team and chatbot with few clicks. Jetlink consolidates all social messaging conversations into one single inbox.

Broadcast your message on Facebook messenger

Messaging is the new marketing channel that you can acquire new customers and generate more leads in just a few clicks. With 80% open rates Messenger is one of the best place to do it. That`s x4 better than email. Jetlink allows you to broadcast direct message to all people who messaged to you on Facebook.

Use the power of messaging apps to engage with your customers. Reach out to your customers, wherever they are. Send relevant content and personal offers to the specific segment or to all of your customers on FB messenger.

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Build a Virtual Shopping Assistant with JetBot

Average satisfaction among consumers with chatbots and intelligent assistants reached at 65 percent and it changes customer journey. You can easily build Virtual Shopping Assistant for your ecommerce business to lead your customers for easy product discovery and get support on any channel. Jetlink nicely blends chatbots with human support in same platform. Our hybrid approach lets your customer service team take over chatbot conversations if needed or when it’s requested by user.

With Jetlink, you can deliver a shopping experience that seamlessly integrates an automated personal shopping assistant with best-in-class customer service.

Answer questions, solve problems, increase conversions

One-click Facebook integration

You can connect Jetlink inbox to your Facebook page with one click.

Get chat ratings on Messenger

Send customer rating request after the conversation even on FB messenger.

Filter your conversation page

See only the Facebook messages on conversation page with channel filters.

See the volume of social conversations

Analyze how much percent of your customer conversations coming from Facebook.

Upcoming channels

We’re working closely with companies to enable the next wave of messaging and add more channels as possible. Request the ones you need and we’ll reach out when they’re ready.

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