Bring the power of Conversational AI to your enterprise.

Reach visitors in the right place at exactly the right time

Why use campaigns?

Welcome people

Welcome your users and visitors with a proactive message, invite them to conversation. Don’t miss your website traffic.

Capture & qualify leads

Ask contact information after 1st message automatically and follow up with email or phone. Convert visitors to leads.

Sell more

Proactively send new product offerings, campaign info in the right place, at the right time. Create awareness and sell more.

Step-1 Choose the channel and create beautiful messages easily

Reach people and your users in your website proactively.

Send targeted messages to people on your website to capture visitors and qualify to leads or nurture your existing users.

Reach customers with most engaging way by broadcasting messages in social channels.

Move beyond email. Use the power of messaging apps to engage with your customers. Reach out to your customers where they already spend their time in daily basis.

Step-2 Define your rules to segment users, set triggers and launch!

Send messages to website visitors based on behavior and referral URL.

Thanks to the smart behavioural targeting, you are able to connect website visitors with support agents depending on their needs and website browsing history.

Create various segments from your users based on different actions.

Actions include their site navigation, product usage, language, location, time of website/product visit or other user properties. Use these segments to determine specific users from the People list to target your campaign messages.

*** Segmentation and trigger rules ability vary according the channels that you prefer. Web, mobile and messenger channels have different segmentation and rule capacity.

Launch your campaign at the moment you create it or schedule it for any time later on.

Schedule messages to send only on specific days between certain hours.

With our automated sequences. Jetlink can send messages based on time delays that you determine, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy higher conversions.

***Automated sequences can be used in mobile push messages and facebook messenge

Step-3 Monitor campaign performance

Measure your campaign success and see how effective each message is in reaching your goals.

Get the insights to create campaigns perform better. See the number of views, CTR, conversation and sales created.

Enjoy Unlimited Contacts with Jetlink and it doesn’t increase your cost! - Contacts are visitors who chat with you and users. Don’t fret over deleting their data as your website traffic grows. Save and access them on any paid pricing plan.

Measure sales created after the conversation

See which campaigns end with sale after the conversation. Jetlink makes you know how many of your visitors and which campaigns lead to new sales. You can also monitor the amount of sales that is created following the conversation or click on campaign.

Need some ideas where to start? Here’s some inspiration from us:

Target prospects who have visited your pricing page 3 times.

Proactively reach to the potential customers who might be interested in with your service.

On solitaire ring product page for 20 seconds

Engage with potential buyers, invite them to conversation and increase sales.

On payment page more than 30 seconds

Ask help automatically to your customers who struggle to finalize the payment and reduce cart abandonment rate.

Let your customers know that you’ve launched a new campaign.

Inform your visitors about your new campaigns when they land on your website.

Broadcast messages in FB Messenger

Broadcast messages in just a few clicks in Messenger. With 80% open rates Messenger is one of the best place to do it. That`s x4 better than email.

Reach out to your customers, wherever they are. Send relevant content and personal offers to the specific segment or to all of your customers.

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