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Create your first bot in 10 min, respond your customers 7/24 and get the WOW! effect

Better support, more leads and sales with AI

Capture more leads

Instantly engage with your visitors, collect contact information in conversation.

Improve customer satisfaction

Keep your customers happy and engaged by giving 7/24 instant support.

Reduce costs

Automate simple interactions, reduce the cost and complexity of your service operation.

Sell more

Minimize customer frustration by reducing wait and resolution times, sell more with on-time assistance.

Automate up to 80% of your customer interactions with JetBot

70% of respondents prefer to use chatbots to interact with companies for simple to moderate interactions and transactions. JetBot gives your business an extra pair of hands that never gets tired, work around the clock, and can reply questions, fill out forms and take order. Don’t like to waste time on simple questions and repeatable tasks? Have a JetBot to do it and focus on more complex cases with your team. Deliver frictionless customer service, automate manual, time-wasting processes, and increase your team's efficiency.

A Band of JetBots & Human Agents

Jetlink’s JetBot + human agents blended approach is designed to deliver best experience for your customers. They play well in a harmony as a band does. JetBot directs the conversation to human agents when it is required. Your human agents easily be aware of this process. JetBot offers various types of human takeover scenarios that fit best to your workflow, creates seamless experience both for your agents and customers.

Jetlink NLU Engine

Create & start to train your AI powered JetBot in minutes

You can now build your own Artificial Intelligence assistant to reply your customers easily. Enjoy the easy to use AI builder and state-of-art NLP technologies to create best automated conversational experiences. Don’t you have a knowledge base yet? No problem! You can train your bot with Jetlink NLU Engine’s easy to use UI. Understand the user's intent to give an appropriate answer or trigger the action accordingly. Now anyone on your team can be the part of your bot development process.

Design your own conversation flows


JetBot Insights allows you to see the history of conversations between your chatbots and users. Helps you to observe how your chatbot is responding to people. Thus, you get the insights how to train your JetBot.

Moreover, you can see how your many of your customer questions are answered by Jetbot successfully, how many of them redirected to human agents, number of conversations closed by Jetbot, chat rating scores, leads generated, orders taken and many more.

Different JetBot content for different channels

You may want to create several JetBots with different contexts and choose where they will serve to your customers. The flow and content of JetBot on web and social channels may vary. With JetBot’s multi-channel approach, you can give different persona and tone of voice for each bot. This is now possible with Jetlink.

Decrease workload of your human agents

Jetlink’s Chatbot + Human blended approach is the best formula to deliver delightful and effectice customer communication experiences. While your Chatbots provide 24/7 support for repeating customer requests, the human agents can take over the conversation only when it is needed. Thus, the quality of customer service improves and workload to human agents decreases.

Growing set of skills

Chatbot + Human Hybrid

Handle customer requests fast with chatbots and solve complex issues with human agents.

Natural Language Understanding

State-of-art language processing technology to mimic human conversation, understand intents and create best experience for users.


One-click to connect to different customer touch points with mobile and web messaging SDKs.

Easy to Use AI Builder

Create intents, entities, various answers, actions and flows with easy to use interface. No coding skills required!

Collect & Save Information

Ask visitors for their contant info or any information that you need. Collect and report them easily.


Keep history of conversations that JetBot handles, get reports and see performance.

Qualify Leads

Collect information from visitors and create leads.

Built-in Spell Checker

Tool to check spellings of word, understands misspelled words.

Works in all major customer channels

Easily integrate JetBot to different channels that you interact with your customers. Users instantly get access to your chatbot assistance from various messaging channels as web, IOS, Android and Facebook.

Conversations with users that get answered by JetBot may never reach to your inbox.

If user indicates JetBot helped them answer their question or doesn’t react bot’s last reply in a certain period of time, bot automatically closes conversation. This is all adjustable and keeps your inbox clean.

Learn how your customers are satisfied from JetBot service and improve accordingly

Ask visitors or users to rate their chatbot experience to better understand and improve your performance.

JetBot collects the information that you need from users in the conversation.

Inputs function lets you easily save user responses for specific questions and report them separately. Forget boring forms, start to ask people in most human way. Increase conversion and engagement.

Use entities for extraction of relevant information from the intents. Increase the accuracy of your JetBot.

You can set entities as required and JetBot will ask questions to learn about required entities in the flow that you design.

Go beyond the text, enrich conversations

Texting is one of the best thing that you can do on messaging. But that’s not allYour chatbot can engage with your customers beyond the text. Plays well with rich content and can send images, call to action buttons, cards, quick replies and carousel menus. Enrich your conversations with special elements.

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