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Customer Success

Our Customer Success Team has worked thousands of hours to help hundreds of customers to improve their customer experience.

Once you buy Jetlink Enterprise plan, you'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Their job is simply to make your business successful. Below you'll see how the process works out.

How much time should you plan to dedicate to getting up and running with Jetlink? On average, plan to dedicate a few hours in the first month with your Customer Success Manager. And for sure, your Customer Success Manager will be continuing to assist you after the first month.

We’ll work closely to explore how your business can benefit the most from Jetlink.

Here’s how we will work with you to reach your goals


We get you ready to launch by analyzing your goals and determine how to achieve them by using Jetlink. After our initial discussion, your Customer Success Manager constructs a success strategy based on your business goals.


You and your Customer Success Manager will work on the product approach and this helps you to learn how Jetlink can generate the best results for your business. This step includes examining how your business can implement JetlinkAI and multi-channel messaging in the most effective way.


Before you go live, we’ll be planning all the details to have a smooth launch and solid plan to offer best customer experience from 1st moment.


You’ll start to see how personal conversations will add value to your business. Monitor the impact on NPS score, overall response time and number of new leads.


Ongoing improvement is a part of our process. We keep on adding new features on Jetlink and business environment is changing too. We’ll continuously adapt new things to make your business successful.


We’ll closely monitor ongoing results and make sure JetlinkAI and other tools are well optimized to achieve your KPIs.

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