Bring the power of Conversational AI to your enterprise.

Manage your customer conversations from one place. It is easy to use, fast and robust.

Have a very efficient team

Get insights

Have a clear picture how your business is performing, NPS score and many more.

Manage all conversations in one place

Centrally manage customer conversations that are coming through different channels.

Report the performance of your agents

Monitor the performance of your human agents and JetBot.

Multi-channel support from one place, collect all customer conversations in one inbox.

Interact with your customer from various messaging channels. Bring on all messages from different channels to one inbox and reply them easily as a team. Use detailed filters to manage incoming messages effectively.

See to whom you are messaging with

Let your agents see the user details that they are messaging with. User cards include many useful information such as if he/she is a returning visitor, contact details, previous conversations, geography, device, URL information, journey and channel. This will give a confidence and clear picture for your agents and make them perform better customer service.

Accelerate the speed of response and decrease workload of agents.

Create saved replies for commonly used phrases, agents can access them quickly. For example, typing /welcome may convert into “Welcome to our website, how can I help you?”

Let your visitors and users know when the agents are offline, and when they’ll be back.

Set up automated messages that inform them and send contact information collector to connect with the visitors.

Easily assign conversations to suitable team members.

Assignment to suitable or right person is essential for customer service applications. Make it very easy to assign to the other agents. Manage your conversations as a team.

Enjoy the brand free Jetlink web messenger.

Remove Jetlink branding from the live web widget with any paid plan.

Monitor JetBot conversations and receive notifications when the JetBot needs your help

Allow your human agents to observe conversations between JetBot and users and jump into conversation when it is needed. Furthermore, your human agents get notifications when JetBot needs their help. So, you’ll never miss a conversation and at the same time you can keep your agents focused.

Go beyond the text, enrich conversations

Texting is one of the best thing that you can do on messaging. But that’s not allYour chatbot can engage with your customers beyond the text. Plays well with rich content and can send images, call to action buttons, cards, quick replies and carousel menus. Enrich your conversations with special elements.

Create and use categories to have a clear picture on customer conversations.

Let your agents categorize conversations that they close. In this way, you can see the percentage of topics related with conversations that you deal with.

Never miss a message with voice and visual notifications.

Alert and notify agents when they are inactive and have navigated to other pages.

See when your customers are typing and read your message.

Ensure team members are clear on conversation status. Know if the user has seen your message and when, give them way to engage smarter.

Tag the conversations and people for later review.

Group related people or conversations with tags—search for them later.

Jetlink Insights - If you don't measure it you can’t manage it.

Jetlink gives you all insights to understand how your organization is handling overall customer communication and performing for conversational marketing.

Learn your NPS score in real-time and find out how to improve it.

When you activate NPS score feature, every time your agents or JetBot close the conversation, net promoter score question is automatically sent to users to be rated. Thus, you know how your team is treating to customers.

Number of conversations is one of the most important metric that you should keep an eye on. See the changes over time.

Total number of conversations that are dealt during certain period of time. See the changes in days, weeks and months.

Allows you to see percentage of incoming messages based on different channels.

In such way, you can see which messaging channels are prefered by customers and where to focus to improve.

See the number of leads that you generated through conversations.

View leads captured over time by JetBot and human agents seperately.

This report will show you the percentage of topics that are related with conversations.

Allows you to see the percentage of conversation topics that you deal with.

This report will help you measure the amount of time between when a ticket is created to when it is solved for the last time.

Be informed about average resolve time of the conversations both agent based and team based, you get notified if it takes too long to resolve a customer inquiry.

This report will help you measure the amount of time between when a ticket is created to when it is responded.

See how fast your agents react to incoming messages.

See how the JetBot is performing and improve accordingly.

You can see how your many inquiries are answered by Jetbot, how many of them directed to human agents, number of conversations closed by Jetbot itself, number of leads generated and many more.

Monitor customer journey

Visualize your customer’s journey and unify all your customer's interactions. All the context you need to deliver a better customer support experience. Capture all your customer’s activities and events from outside Jetlink using simple webhooks or through Zapier.

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