Bring the power of Conversational AI to your enterprise.

What we believe

Communication between people and businesses is changing forever, and personal conversation at scale is the new paradigm shift that will play a principal role today and for years to come.

With over 4 billion messaging people worldwide, we spend more time on messaging than any other online activity. This shift, combined with the power of conversation, creates an opportunity to make the interaction between brands and people at a very different level. Conversations make customer-brand interaction more functional, more instant, more intimate, and finally in the end more human.

Whether it’s chatting with friends on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, or communication between colleagues on Slack or Facebook Workplace, messaging has become a fundamental part of people’s lives. So why aren’t more businesses offering messaging as an engagement channel?

This is the new paradigm shift with fundamental principles and Jetlink is built on top of this global phenomenon.

Our Mission

A Paradigm Shift is the 'a-ha' experience associated with finally perceiving or understanding some aspect of the world (or a circumstance) in a different way. For businesses, having personal conversations with customers is a paradigm shift today and it’s based on strong principles.

With Jetlink, our mission is to deliver delightful sales & customer care experiences based on the power of personal conversations where your customers are. We promise to keep up the hard work, passion to lead this shift and help your business to be successful.

Who we are

Ozan Can Koseley

Co-founder, CEO

Kaan Tezgel

Co-founder, CTO

Veli Demir

Software Team Leader

Mert Polat

Full Stack Developer

Prof. Yusuf Akgul

Machine Learning Consultant

Cüneyt Sen

Senior Designer

Selcuk Mustafa

Software Developer

Arzu Akkas

Content Editor

This is the DNA sequence of our culture and the framework behind everything we do as a team.


We love what we do and it is never only a work for us.


We have high responsibility for our work, we do the best to back our customers.

Continuous Developer

Excellence is a race with no finish line. We aim to be the leading customer communication company.


Innovation is the prior element in our DNA sequence, it is not an option for us, it is our fundamental principle.


Trust is everything for any type of relation. We are transparent and welcomer.

Our Advisors

Cigdem Toraman

Managing Director StartersHub

Mustafa Ergen

Founder and Chairman MiSONE

Matthew Lock

Co-Founder + CEO at Raddish Passion Miner

Emre Guney

Digital Marketing Pegasus Airlines

Burak Kartal

Marketing and Advertising Toyota Turkey Mar & Sales

Vivek Moona

E-commerce Consultant at Evident Interactive BV

Julian Roux-Stevens

Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Growth Coach, Mentor

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Martinez

Benelux & Iberia Startup Biz Dev en Amazon Web Services

Wilfred de Roos

Managing Director, Business Unit Mats at Berendsen

Daniel Davey

Connecting Uber for Business to Northern European companies

Michiel van der Werf

Consultant Retail at IG&H Consulting

Ernst Hoestra

MD Commerce at SBC | Innovation | Circular Economy | Business Development

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