Manage your customer conversations, campaigns and all one-click integrations from one place. It is easy to use, fast and robust. Meet with Jetlink Centralized UI.

Multi-Channel Support

Interact with your customer from various messaging channels. Get all messages from different resources to one inbox. Switch to messaging channels that your customer prefer.

Send rich content, files and videos

Enrich the experience of customer with different types of messages beyond the text. Send how to do videos, pdf files, pictures, survey, call to action buttons and etc.

Assign to team members

Assignment to suitable or right person is essential for customer service applications. Make it very easy to assign to other customer service member. Manage your conversations as a team.

One Click Messenger integration

Facebook messenger is one of the messaging apps that you can link to Jetlink Centralized UI. It is very easy to integrate any customer communication channel without any coding skills.

Let users help themselves

Mobile users expect instant answers and do not want to call or email for help. Jetlink makes it easy to access FAQs so that users can find answers even before they reach out to you. Jetlink FAQs makes it easy to update content in minutes without any hard coding in your mobile app.

Beautiful social messaging for everyone
  • Developers

    Enrich your applications with Chatbots, instant messaging

  • Customer Service Experts

    Deliver next generation messaging based customer service for your customers

  • Sales & Marketing Experts

    Boost your sales with shopping assistant Chatbots, conversation commerce and messaging based campaigns.

Jetlink suite of tools offer reliable, scalable and innovative customer communication for your business. Reach us now for next generation customer engagement.